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    Buena Vida Choice Neighborhood Plan

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    California Avenue Streetscape

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    Haji Healing Salon

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    Love Letter to the Crump

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    Chicago Extra-Large

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    Climate and Cultural Resilience

Connecting design

Borderless is an architecture and urban design practice focused on cultivating collaborative design agency through interdisciplinary projects.

San Antonio + Chicago Architecture + Urban Design
California Avenue Streetscape
2021, Chicago, Urban Design
Designing equitable places
California Avenue is a major north-south connector in Chicago; this streetscape vision study focuses on the half-mile stretch between 19th Street and 24th Street in the Little Village neighborhood connecting Douglass Park and Marshall Boulevard, two significant open spaces. In addition, this segment is where the Pink Line California Station is located, the main connection of this community to the downtown area.
HAJI Healing Salon
2021, Chicago, Architecture + Interiors
Exploring spatial solutions
HAJI Healing Salon is a storefront in Bronzeville designed to integrate two main programs – a Herbal and Botanical Apothecary, a store offering a wealth of health and wellness products by local and small vendors; and a flexible space that can accommodate a wide range of activities - yoga, group healing sessions, and community gatherings, such as HAJI’s signature supper club.
Buena Vida Neighborhood Plan
2018, Brownsville, Urban Planning
Creating inclusive processes
Located adjacent to downtown Brownsville and within walking from distance from the United States – Mexico border / International Crossing to the City of Matamoros, the Buena Vida neighborhood is home to this 13-acre (150 units) public housing site owned by the Housing Authority of the City of Brownsville.

Selected Projects

Borderless Studio is committed to supporting healthy, vibrant and meaningful places for people through design.

Creating inter­disciplinary collaboration

Borderless Studio designs and facilitates a variety of methods and processes for dynamic exchange and engagement using data, research, design to discuss the future of cities and project opportunities at different scales—from buildings and neighborhood, to regions.

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