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Chicago Extra-Large

Exhibit, Installation

Chicago Extra-Large is map installation located in the parking lot of a former public school in the Southside of Chicago – Anthony Overton Elementary – a school that was part of the unprecedented 2013 closings of almost fifty public schools. The map showcases neighborhood boundaries as well as the location of schools that closed, and uses a color-coded legend system to document and inform about their status in the process of redevelopment: immediately repurposed, sold or for sale.

This map was incrementally created over the course of one-year (started in July 2017), and is a signature piece of the initiative Creative Grounds and special component of the public activities hosted at Overton school – soon to become a business and technology incubator. The map highlights 12 neighborhoods that are part of what is considered the Southside – Bronzeville being part of this cohort. 

Chicago Extra-Large is a hybrid of data visualization and social space for collective reflection.

More about this initiative:


A hybrid of data visualization and social space for collective reflection

Testing scale
Establishing the linework